What is SOCCA?
The Soccer Organization of the Coshocton County Area (SOCCA) was founded to provide a recreational environment for youth to learn and enjoy the game of soccer. The SOCCA organization was founded on the principals of good sportsmanship, respect, team ethics and fun, with the objective of teaching children the basics of soccer.

The SOCCA program is open to children ages 5-18 from Coshocton County and surrounding areas. Participants from the SOCCA program have gone on to play at the traveling, premier, high school, and collegiate levels.

When and where are the games played?
The SOCCA season consists of a 6-game Spring and 6-game Fall session. The Fall Session typically begins the first Saturday in September and the Spring session typically begins on the first Saturday in April.

In 2012, all games were played at the Lake Park Soccer Complex located at 23253 State Route 83, Coshocton, Ohio. Parking, restroom facilities, and concessions are all available at the site. The soccer complex consists of a total of 6 soccer fields of varying sizes, appropriate for each age group from age 5-18.

Lake Park is operated by the Coshocton County Park District. Other recreational opportunities are available at Lake Park, including swimming at the Aquatic Center, playground, fishing, baseball, softball, camping, bike and walking trails, and picnic shelters.

How much does is cost to play?
The $45.00 participation fees covers both the spring and fall sessions (12 games total) for grades K through 5.  Each additional child is $10.00 each.  Children in grades 6 through high school only participate in the spring session.  The participation fee for grades 6 through high school in the spring is only $30.00 (6 games).

Who operates SOCCA and how is it organized?
SOCCA is operated on a not for profit basis and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization. SOCCA is a completely volunteer organization, and we rely on volunteer coaches, referees, and board members to ensure a successful program. SOCCA is operated by a Board of Directors of up to 15 members. Many board members have served as coaches or have children participating in the SOCCA program. Some of our board members are former high school soccer players or have experience coaching at the high school or club level.

What is a "recreational" soccer team, and how is it different from "travel" and "premier" teams?
There are three basic types of organized soccer leagues available to children before Middle School: recreational, travel and premier. The SOCCA program is a recreational soccer league. Recreational leagues typically consists of teams of children from the same community. Recreational teams usually are coached by parents of children on the teams. In the SOCCA program, we stress recreation, team atmosphere, good sportsmanship, equal participation, and fun. The development of basic soccer skills is stressed and games are conducted on a non-competitive basis - we do not keep record of scores or team standings.

Travel soccer teams generally consist of children from the same community who play premier teams and/or travel teams from other communities. Travel leagues usually are significantly more competitive than recreational leagues. Some travel teams are coached by professional coaches, while others are coached by parents of players.

Premier teams consist of children from different communities. Premier teams usually play other premier teams and some travel teams, and they tend to be coached by professional coaches. Many premier clubs are operated on a for profit basis. Some premier teams face a level of competition that is significantly greater than that faced by travel teams. Premier teams tend to focus on tournament play and therefore travel more frequently.

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